MIT Enterprise Think Tank Series I: The Future of TV


The inaugural The Future of X think tank session took place on January 14, 2014 at 30 Rockefeller Plaza. Quite befitting an address for an event that discussed the future of television.

MIT Enterprise Forum of NYC Presents:
MITEF Think Tank Session: The Future of TV
Propositions for an audience that has seized (the remote) controlThe first of a series of MITEF Think Tank Sessions on The Future of X
Tech-based opportunities for changing industries and changing audiences

TiVo, Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV, Chromecast, Apps, and Smart TV have irrevocably changed the world of television. Every innovation has placed the audience a little more firmly in the driver’s seat and given them more encompassing control. Today, everyone expects to decide exactly what programming they want to consume as well as how and where they want to consume it.

This challenges traditional views on network programming and poses entirely new questions: How can audiences discover and navigate the wealth of content? How can the content be smartly enhanced to allow for unique viewing experiences and revenue generation.

It is up to the brightest minds in technology to find solutions to these exciting challenges–and how to profit from that. MIT Enterprise Forum NYC is therefore introducing a new event format. In a highly engaged and interactive setting, a Think Tank session will gather ideas and concrete answers on how technology and innovation can shape the future of television.

Conversations will revolve around the following questions:

  • What are current trends within the Television industry in the areas of content discovery, navigation, and enhancement?
  • What innovations are already out there that could be reframed to address those trends?
  • What are entirely new thoughts on how tech innovation can positively impact this industry?
  • How to carve the industry into digestible chunks that can be addressed with tech innovation?
  • What do consumers demand and what are they ready for?
  • What is the industry ready to accept?

We invite seasoned and fresh innovators in the space as well as representatives from within the television industry. They will share a snapshot of existing challenges and innovations in the space. Bright minds with an interest in the changes in television and a willingness to actively contribute to the session are welcome.

Read the announcement on the MIT Enterprise main page here.

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