MIT Enterprise Think Tank Series II: The Future of Advertising


The next think tank session is taking place in NYC on April 24, 2014. You can find all details and register here.

UPDATE: The event has a strict maximum attendance to ensure maximum engagement. We’re already two thirds into being sold out so please be sure to register early.

MIT Enterprise Forum of NYC Presents:
MITEF Think Tank Session II
The Future of Advertising
“Consumer, where are you?” -Advertising
The second of a series of MITEF Think Tank Sessions on The Future of X
Tech perspectives for changing industries and changing audiences

Remember the golden days of advertising when the Don Drapers of this world single-handedly controlled how we saw a brand and a company? When the fate of a business could be shaped with one great idea and a 30 second spot? No more!

Power has shifted from those who have access to coveted airtime slots and magazine pages to those who use technology and digital savvy to command vast networks. One-size-fits-all marketing is being replaced by micro-interactions tailored to individual profiles of individual consumers. It’s become the golden days of the consumer. They decide what they want to know, who they trust. They have become increasingly hard to pin down and even harder to please.

This challenges brands and businesses that still need to get the word out and many business models in industries like television and publishing that still heavily rely on advertising revenues as a basis for their operations.

It is up to the brightest minds in technology and business to find solutions to these exciting challenges ­ and how to profit from that. In a highly engaged and interactive setting that knows no designated speakers, we will gather ideas and concrete answers on how technology and innovation can shape the future of advertising.

Conversations will revolve around the following questions:

What are current issues within the industry in such areas as:
Targeting and accountability
Social and engagement
Mobile and new formats
Contextual and cross-media
Revenue models
Consumer control and privacy
What innovations are already out there that could be reframed to address those issues?
What are entirely new thoughts on how tech innovation can positively impact this industry?
How to carve the industry into digestible chunks that can be addressed with tech innovation?
What do consumers demand and what are they ready for?
What is the industry ready to accept?

We invite seasoned and fresh innovators, entrepreneurs who are currently monetizing the changing landscape, marketers and representatives from within the advertising industry as well as investors who provide the capital that moves the needle. They will share a snapshot of existing challenges and innovations in the space. Bright minds with an interest in the changes in advertising and a willingness to actively contribute to the session are welcome.



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