The Future of TV: Participant Input

We invite think tank attendees to share the topics they’d like to see addressed during the interactive session. Here’s a list of the requested topics for the Future of TV think tank on January 14, 2014.

Key Challenges

  • Discovery (including “TV as an App” vs. Channels)
  • Viewer control
  • Web/TV/device convergence (any device, any content, unified UI-UX) and inter-working (Web/app to TV; TV to Web/app)
  • Monetization and Rights

Impediments to Change

  • Entrenched powers – networks and distributors (MVPDs) with legacy set-top boxes and rigid business models – clearly challenged by Over The Top (OTT) Internet providers.
  • Evolving UI/UX concepts and adoption issues for TV/Internet convergence.
  • Technology life-cycle (and mind-set) lag for TVs as full and flexible Internet devices.
  • “Crossing the Chasm” — critical mass and ubiquity.

Promising Solutions

  • Over The Top / TV Everywhere (Cable/other)
  • Screen-shifting (eg: Chromecast, SmartGlass, Airplay)
  • Unified discovery / Media concierge
  • Web discovery to TV (eg: Comcast See It button)
  • Social TV
  • Sync enhancements (eg: Game of Thrones on Xbox, Twitter Ad Sync)
  • Open/3rd party enhancements
  • Automatic Content Recognition (eg: Shazam, IntoNow, Zeebox, smart TVs)
  • T-commerce (eg: “buying Jennifer Aniston’s sweater”)
  • A la carte vs. bundles, and subscription vs. ownership (unbundled channels/shows // subscriptions // ownership // other aggregations, etc.)
  • Separating content from transport business (eg: Cablevision: content or broadband?)

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