The Future of Advertising: Participant Input

We invited registered think tank attendees to share the topics they’d like to see addressed during the interactive session. Here’s a list of the requested topics for the Future of Advertising, taking place on April 24, 2014 at 30 Rockefeller Plaza. — Feel free to comment with your own topics and themes or highlight the ones you find particularly compelling.

Key Challenges

  • How to restore scalable effective brand reach for big-brand advertisers?
  • Accountability/tracking and quantification vis-a-vis ad spend
  • Mobile and emerging media formats
  • Fragmented attention (cross-media, multi-screen consumption, etc.)
  • Targeting
  • Context
  • Personalization
  • Multi-cultural marketing
  • Engagement vs. direct response
  • Need for new revenue models
  • Local media ecology vs. big-box media
  • Maintaining consumer control and privacy

Promising Solutions

  • Targeting, Tracking, Big Data
  • Activity and location tracking (online, social, real-world, media context)
  • Demand-generation marketing (e.g. BirchBox)
  • Bricks & clicks integration
  • Social marketing tools
  • Closed loop response path (path from impression to purchase)
  • Monetized consumer control (opt-in, pay for ad-free, discount for info, rebates)
  • Emergence of new kinds of ad networks (e.g. Facebook) and ad trading systems

Change Resistance

  • Media fragmentation and silo-based approach (old media, “new” media, generational differences)
  • Entrenched powers and platforms (agencies and media buyers, legacy media, legacy platforms, “new legacy” platforms)
  • Tool-dependent industry inertia
  • “Crossing the Chasm” (critical mass and ubiquity for scalable media buys)
  • Privacy backlash and increasing regulation
  • Intrusiveness and creepiness of hyper-targeted ads (“uncanny valley”)

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