About The Future of X

The MIT Enterprise Forum Think Tank sessions: The Future of X are highly engaged and interactive think tank sessions aimed at bringing bright minds together around the topic of how technology and innovation can shape the future of selected industries most affected by change. Think television, retail, music, publishing, entertainment, aviation, etc.

Questions revolve around:

  • What are current trends within that industry?
  • What innovation is out there already that could be reframed to address those trends?
  • What are entirely new thoughts around positively impacting that industry with tech innovation?
  • How to break up the industry into digestible chunks that can be addressed with tech innovation?
  • What is the consumer ready for?
  • What is the industry ready to accept?

“The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed.” — William Gibson.  Our group challenge is to identify the future, figure out how to distribute it, …and make money at it.

We invite seasoned and fresh innovators, entrepreneurs who are currently monetizing the changing landscape, marketers and representatives from within the  industry as well as investors who provide the capital that moves the needle. They share a snapshot of existing challenges and innovations in the space and then the focus is on gathering and sharing ideas around how technology can positively impact (and save) the highlighted industry.



The Future of X is the brainchild of Katja Bartholmess, founder & CEO of Gimme Gorgeous. She co-produces and co-moderates the think tank events.


Serial entrepreneur Katja Bartholmess has lived and worked in Berlin, London, Pretoria, and Tokyo before taking root in Brooklyn, her favorite borough of New York City. She is a professional brand builder and has over a decade of experience in consulting and advising brands and businesses. She loves solving problems. Clients from across the globe have worked with her and her teams in the areas of strategic communications with a focus on digital & social, brand development and positioning, and corporate culture consulting.

The German native has a keen eye for what today’s global and interconnected audiences desire, a social media pioneer’s hand for content and engagement strategies that work, and an anthropologist’s understanding of what makes people tick. She utilizes her international outlook as well as her digital savvy to connect brands and audiences across the globe. Her insights on branding in a social and digital age have been featured in leading industry publications.

She is a Board Observer of the MIT Enterprise Forum NYC and the co-founder of Bushwick Entrepreneurs Club. Katja holds a Master in Cultural Anthropology from Humboldt University Berlin.


Long-time co-chair of the Program Committee and MITEF board member Richard Reisman saw the potential of Katja’s ideas and engaged with her to develop the concept and produce and moderate these events.  He is Founder and President of Teleshuttle Corporation.


An innovator and thought leader, Richard Reisman has been advancing new services for people across the broad field of connectivity since long before the Web. He first clicked a hyperlink in 1969. He developed a variety of pioneering online services and holds about 50 patents now licensed by hundreds of companies. Some of his patent portfolios have been acquired by Intellectual Ventures, RPX Corporation, and others, and he has managed and consulted for corporations of all sizes.

Reisman’s patent families relate to information distribution (including app stores), search, advanced multi-screen TV and Internet video (including AirPlay and Chromecast), Big Data, the wisdom of crowds, digital content management, and pricing in networked markets.  His work has ranged over a variety of industries, including communications, media/entertainment, e-commerce, market data, and manufacturing.

In 2010 Reisman began development of FairPay, a radical approach to monetizing digital offerings, recently described on the HBR Blog. FairPay shifts from a transaction to a relationship focus, and develops a buyer reputation based on Internet feedback, to go beyond “freemium,” to an adaptive hybrid of free and paid content.

He is a board member at MIT Enterprise Forum NYC and holds an AB from Brown University and an MS from Lehigh University.


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